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Our History

Check out our interactive timeline to see how we have changed over the years.


Mainland Sand & Gravel was founded in 1970 by Laurie Carlson and his brother Mel Carlson. The extent of Mainland’s operations was a dredged river sand site in Surrey at what is today known as Mainland’s Timberland Road depot.


In the mid 1970’s Mainland expanded its operations to include alluvial sand and gravel pits in the Aldergrove area. From 1975 to the mid 1980’s, Mainland opened and exhausted several small gravel pits, all in the Langley/Aldergrove area. The limited size of these pits was what prompted Mainland to search out a long term aggregate reserve.


After an exhaustive search lasting more than 2 years, Mainland purchased a 400 acre property on the north slope of Sumas Mountain, fronting the Fraser River. The site was known as Cox Station or Cox Landing, a name that dates back to the early 1900’s when the site was a regular stop on the Fraser River for paddle wheelers. The site had also previously been used in the 1940’s and 1950’s by CN Rail to mine quarried rock for railway construction. CN Rail’s previous use of the site had included the construction of two rail spur lines on the property for loading rail cars. Mainland still uses these spur lines today to ship aggregate from the site on rail cars.


It took several years to acquire the necessary permits for Cox Station Quarry. Mainland completed construction of the barge load out facility on the site in 1986. The first gravel barge left Cox Station Quarry in January of 1986.


The original aggregate extracted from Cox Station Quarry was alluvial gravel on the East end of the property. By mid-1987, the alluvial gravel was mined out, pushing Mainland into a new era. Mainland became a supplier of quarried stone, commencing drilling and blasting operations at the site.


Due to Cox Station Quarry’s need to ship aggregate by barge (the site was not intended for dump truck access), Mainland leased a small 1.5 acre property on the Fraser River in Richmond, just upstream from the Knight Street Bridge. This site is known today as Mainland’s No. 6 Rd. Depot. The depot is used as a transfer point for Cox Station Quarry aggregate. The aggregate is shipped to the depot, placed into stockpile than loaded onto dump trucks for delivery to customers.


Cox Station Quarry hits a milestone, shipping over one million tonnes of quarried aggregate from the site in the calendar year. Achieving this milestone puts Cox Station Quarry “on the map”, the site is recognized in the publication “Aggregates & Roadbuilding Magazine” as one of the top 25 producing aggregate operations in Canada. Cox Station Quarry has made the list every year since 1999.


Mainland takes over a river sand dredge site and gravel depot located at the south end of No. 5 Road in Richmond. The addition of the No 5 Road depot increase Mainland’s aggregate footprint in the Richmond, Vancouver and Delta areas.


Mainland leases a site in North Langley across from the eastern tip of Barnston Island. The Port Kells depot inventories river sand and quarried products brought in by barge from Cox Station to a barge ramp adjacent to the site. With access to Cox Station Quarry material via barge and river sand, the site quickly becomes a significant source of aggregate for the Surrey and Langley markets.


Mainland acquires Jamison Quarry, a granite rock quarry located on the south slop of Sumas Mountain. Jamieson Quarry is a land based quarry which means all of the products it produces leave the site via dump trucks.


Mainland’s Cox Station Quarry ships over three million metric tonnes into the marketplace in the calendar year.


On September 4th, 2014, Mainland Sand & Gravel embarked on its next phase of development, through the company’s acquisition by Summit Materials LLC.


Mainland acquired Winvan Paving Ltd. Winvan Paving is an asphalt producer/placer and general contractor. Winvan operates a hot mix asphalt plant located adjacent to the Fraser River in New Westminster. The addition of Winvan marks the next phase of Mainland’s evolution into a full service heavy-side building materials supplier.


Mainland is proud of its history as an aggregate producer/supplier and looks forward to expanding its presence and influence in the Western Canadian heavy-side building materials and construction market.