Barge Ramp Rentals & Material Handling Services

Mainland owns or manages 5 barge ramps that can be used for the loading and unloading of goods. The ramp locations are as follows,

  • Cox Station Quarry
  • Port Kells Depot
  • Timberland Rd. Depot
  • No 6 Rd. Depot
  • No 5 Rd. Depot

In addition to the owned or managed barge ramp sites MSG has access to numerous other facilities up and down the Fraser River. Mainland can also provide barge loading and unloading services at any of our locations. In the past Mainland has provided barge loading and/or unloading services for materials such as excavation, lumber, scrap metal and even for the loading and unloading of houses on barges. If you have a flat top barge Mainland can load or unload it.

At the No 5 Rd. location Mainland has the ability to provide secure space for the storage of your goods. In conjunction with storage space, loading service and truck scaling service, via a government certified weigh scale, can be provided as well.